Career Change: Real Estate Sales in Singapore

In each property market throughout the world, including in Singapore, there exists an abundance of real estate sales. It is not difficult to comprehend how the selling of residential property works since we all dwell in homes and are aware of the exact location of our house.

On that account, there are many real estate agents who are selling houses in Singapore. Not all these agents, however, are so skilled in terms of commercial property sales. To be the best at this career, aspiring commercial real estate agents should have good skills and knowledge based on the following:

Career Change: Real Estate Sales in Singapore

property analysis and performance;

Career Change: Real Estate Sales in Singapore

capitalization, return on investment, comparable price analysis procedures, and summation;

rental types utilized within the present market for various commercial properties;

lease terms and types utilized in various lease cases;

marketing techniques in investment property;

income generation for all types of properties;

benchmarks and expenditure controls of the property;

tenant mixture strategies, along with other opportunities for anchor tenant;

strategies and lease documentation within various property types;

minimization and vacancy analysis as a factor for property performance;

demand and supply of commercial properties and spaces;

Career Change: Real Estate Sales in Singapore

tenant placement and movement;

business sentiment within the area;

amenities and services needed by tenants within the present market;

comparable rents and prices, as well as local property leased or sold within the last five years;

landlord investment strategies and requirements that can solve them;

time within the market for leasing or selling of present commercial property.

To begin a career in any commercial real estate in Singapore, one must have a good knowledge of the locations and market of real properties therein. There is a fair amount of study needed within the market because the real estate market is constantly changing. Information can be accessed from reliable sources like the local property listing, online, property owners, and real estate agents who work in the area.