An early bird discount on your Dream House

Every working class men and women dreams of constructing a beautiful house and living in it with their parents and children but the increasing population density and the decreasing quality construction has made them reconsider their decision of affording a house. They are bound to live in rented houses and they are bound to be unhappy. All they dream is to buy a luxury house in their life.

an early bird discount on your dream house

The dreams and the Santorini project

The Santorini Tampines in Singapore is here to serve them with the life time opportunity have their own apartment and houses. The Santorini Condo is a project which is going to serve every working class men and women with an opportunity to live in a high class society with all the facilities a person can imagine on this earth. The Santorini is known to be a theme park project, its design is inspired from a Greek island and when it gets completed it will have an aerial view of an island.
The project is being constructed by keeping the working class population in mind, the exciting offers and features of the project can be listed as: –

  • The entire project is going to have eight blocks with 15 storeys in each of them. The entire number of blocks is known to be facilitated with high speed lift services taking only 45 seconds to reach the top floor from the ground floor.
  • The lease tenure of the houses and apartments in this project is fixed as 99 years. This decision has been made after reaching a consensus with the policies of government.
  • The theme park is facilitated with the perennial supply of water throughout the year. There is a plan to introduce back-up power incase electricity goes off.
  • The construction group MCC is known to provide an early bird discount of 10 percent on each booking to everyone.