Special spacious condos designed to provide ultimate comfort

Comfort is the only feature that people search for in their homes, but what if you get comfort along with many other features like gardens, playgrounds, schools, shopping places etc.? Yes, you are right, it would be a cherry on the pie and Lakeville offers you exactly that. Lakeville offers you a package of Lakeside condos, which are complete with designer homes, unlimited play area, schools, shopping places and of course, an opportunity of owning a fancy postal address within Singapore. Lakeville Jurong has on offer to its prestigious client’s lake facing condos at affordable prices.

special spacious condos designed to provide ultimate comfort
Jurong Lake in Singapore needs no introduction and Lakeville which shares its border with this famous Lake is going to take over the limelight from the lake. This lake is famous for its serene scenic beauty and Lakeville residents get a special view of this beauty every morning, evening and night. Would it not be wonderful to have your breakfast and tea by the lakeside? Yes, it would be and Lakeville offers you that.

As mentioned, only few are lucky ones who can live beside the famous Jurong Lake and only those few lucky ones get an opportunity to enjoy the special water sports feature which Lakeville has on offer for its residents. Yes, Lakeville, which in itself is a small city is offering the residents unbelievable features among which water sports is one. Yes, now you can have unlimited fun within Lakeville which is coming up with unique Water Sports activity along with an Aqua Gym.
Lakeville wants its residents to smile throughout the years and is leaving no stone unturned. At Lakeville, you can leave all your worries behind and enjoy what it is offering you. Living at Lakeville Jurong is planning a long holiday which never ends.