Sturdee Residence: Know the real world facilities of your dream house!

Singapore being a global city has provided livelihood to a vast crowd of people. It has been the best example of the floral world. Thus, people being the inhabitants of this place must eventually get a chance of enjoying the surrounding world experience. Thus to make this happen some architects have passed a design of Sturdee Residences in Singapore. This residence had been developed nearer to the Farrer Park area for families to find the habitat. Usually, families can find their every single need closer to them.

sturdee residence know real world facilities dream house

Need of Sturdee condo:

In this busy era meeting, the basic needs are quite difficult thus one has to fight more to get them. Probably Sturdee Residences has eventually been a cheaper source for existence by the families in Singapore. It has provided them with a complete viewing of the entire city to make their daily life prosperous and peaceful. This type of certain facilities is impossible to get all together.


A numerous facility may be required by family, but the certain that have attracted the inhabitants towards Sturdee Residences are their stylish houses with well-equipped kitchen and a wide range of enhanced appliances. Unlike normal housing, it avoids odd corners layout pepping out from rooms. Eventually, the interior has the capability of driving you crazy and can put a deep impression on visitors.

Some more facilities may be:

  • Playgrounds for playing especially for kids
  • Schools for kids
  • Gym for exercising people
  • Shopping complexes with food counters, groceries, clothing accessories, etc. for families to shop from.
  • It even provides people to lease their houses for the benefits of tourist’s people some time.
  • These all may eventually make your life prosperous.


Making the Sturdee Residence as your choice is fruitful and great. Being cheap one can evenly make a purchase and enjoy the facilities and meet the real world.